Our Foersterbrille

The Foersterbrille is an indirect binocular ophthalmoscope, and is the core part of our company

It was developed by our company founder Jakob Kocher in collaboration with Professor Dr. Michael Foerster designed as an ophthalmological examination device and presented for the first time in 1978.


Since then, it has been continuously developed and modernized.


In 2015 we were able to switch from halogen to LED lighting and are very proud that our Foersterbrille        received CE certification in 2020.


Through our years of experience, we can present a device that is tailored to the personal needs of the user. We offer various sizes that are based on the pupil distance. The common sizes are: PD59; PD62; PD65; PD68; PD71. 


Our Foersterbrille has always been battery-operated and our current model has a USB interface and is supplied with a power bank and matching charging adapter in a practical transport and storage case.


You can easily order your Foersterbrille from us. We would be happy to advise you on your decision, simply use the contact form and direct your questions to us.